Application for revocation of

a placement order

Section 24 Adoption and

Children Act 2002









This section contains information on adoption for practitioners working with children and families. General information about adoption can be found on the Directgov website. Information about intercountry adoption can be found in the intercountry adoption section.

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you must get your documents in yourself within 21 days to the Court of Appeal at the Strand, London.

1)   ring this number to say they are coming.

0207 9476426

Rita Downes, in charge of the Civil Appeals office at the court of appeal in the Strand.

Say if there is a problem, will they ring you rather than send the docs. back.

2)  Get copies of

Appeal forms – 4 copies – N161 – 1 for yourself

Remission of Fee form –  Ex160

get them online from HMCS site and print off if you have a good printer.

if not go to local court and get them from court office.


3 copies of appeal from,   1 0f remission of fee form.

copy of court order and of udgement if you have them.

If not write on form will follow on, but can they obtain them directly?

3)   Write GROUNDS FOR APPEAL  on seperate sheet of paper

These are numbered short headlines

detailed ones will follow later in your “Skeleton Arguments”


Go personally to the courts on the Strand ad you go from room to room and get it registered in a day.

There are 2 advisory sections to help you and do photocopying.

The sol and bar will probably come bac to say they can’t get funding for an appeal.

But meanwhile you have got it in.

Here is what you must do ;-

the grounds for appeal, as explained to us by top barristers, are very limited and the bar is high in the normal courts.

In particular the appeal court cannot revisit the existing evidence as considering this is the job of the lower court.

In the Family Court it is even higher.

These are ;-

1)  a legal error by the judge

2)  new evidence being discovered which was never put to the court

3) the judge failing to take into account something he should or toke into account something he shouldn’t.

A solicitors we work with has got one at the moment where they claimed emotional abuse, in spite of the fact there was a diagnosis of autism.

They got funds for it.

Go through your evidence and anything that was left out.