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Article by Glynne Davies, of Oliver Fisher Solicitors, explaining the way the Separated Parents Information Programmes work.

PIP or SPIP? A Rose By Any Other Name

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March 2014


Somewhere along the line the PIP (Parenting Information Programme) became the SPIP (Separated Parents Information Programme). CAFCASS has never managed to give it a catchy title, but through partnership organisations, has been delivering successful programmes to separated parents who end up in court proceedings since 2009.

The SPIP is a Contact Activity, delivered on behalf of DFE.  According to Mike Coote from CAFCASS: “There are currently 39 SPIP providers delivering this service.  Service in London is delivered through an order processing unit from April 2013, to ensure easy, local and prompt service delivery.  There is a standard SPIP programme nationwide, and the training for providers, course materials, and handbook for parents…

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