Researching Reform

Despite our concerns over the UK government’s continuous insistence on ramming mediation down separating families’ throats (for economics led and not welfare led decisions we might add), we do think mediation has a place in dispute resolution.

As we’ve often mentioned on the blog, mediation is a fine tool if the parties are feeling stable enough and strong enough to negotiate, but this does not usually happen overnight. The mediation landscape, whilst not very smooth at this point or well trodden, is to our mind at least, part of a chain, which will see us revert back, more and more, to old fashioned styles of negotiation for divorcing couples, in more informal and intimate surroundings, with people the parties trust and can rely on.

Child inclusive mediation must be part of that journey.

The Minnesota Alternative Dispute Resolution Collaborative Project, which is a multidisciplinary effort at trying to unify and…

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