Researching Reform

It’s a sunny if chilly Monday but our question this week is sure to warm up some brain cells.

With the long term costs of divorce becoming an increasingly sore point in political debate whilst the economic downturn rages on, it may come as no surprise that Conservative MPs have been featured in the national press heavily criticising the phenomenon.

Sir Gerald Howarth has been very vocal on the matter and would like to see outright condemnation of divorce at all levels. He would also like to see active criticism of divorced couples filtering through family and economic policy, public body spokesmen and the media.

He has been quoted as saying:

  • “We cannot afford to continue subsidising people who live these kind of dysfunctional lifestyles”
  • “Am I being judgemental in an age when such approach is deemed inappropriate? Of course I’m being judgemental! For the sake of the country…

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