Care & Support Alliance

  • Former Care Minister wants care reforms to go further
  • Adults receiving day-to-day help at home and in the community falls by a third (31%) since 2008
  • Care Bill: bold reforms at risk as 75 charities urge Government to re-think care threshold and invest in local support

Former Care Minister Paul Burstow is fronting a cross-party bid for Government care reforms to go further, and include more older and disabled people and family carers.

He joins Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston and Labour MP Grahame Morris in prompting a discussion on the Care Bill on Tuesday by putting his name to an amendment to the flagship legislation.

The amendment is backed by the 75 charities of the Care and Support Alliance and would mean older and disabled people who are unable to undertake several aspects of personal care, or work, education or training would be eligible for council-funded care. Under the…

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