Tri Fatherhood


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ve written to you a lot about being authentic; True to yourself even when the world doesn’t think you should.

I’ve written to you about being relevant; Being anything other than relevant is being an easy target.

As you become adults – specifically when you become parents with the weight of responsibility upon you, it’s easy to feel trapped, far away from Authenticity and relevance outside of the day to day.

All three of you teach me everyday. You each have your special ways.

Kate, you’ve always epitomized authenticity. The way you dress. The way you talk. Your outlook on life in general. It’s a little different. Maybe a lot different. So we’ve always called you our “hippie child.”

It’s all Grateful Dead and Bob Marley in your world. Closed eyes and twirls and wavy arms and bouncing curls.

Today you asked Mommy…

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