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Article by Jenny Kenrick, which looks at ways in which the Voice of the Baby can be better heard in care proceedings and contact between birth parents and their children improved.

Contact with birth parents– The Voice of the Baby

The purpose of this article is to think about practice issues in the light of current research, with the aim of reflecting on how infants in proceedings may be helped while having contact with birth parents.

The research on which this article is based was originally published in Adoption and Fostering. (Kenrick 2009)  (Kenrick 2010). Since then some of the findings have been taken up, leading to some changes in practice.

Tags: Children, child welfare, adoption, care proceedings, health, mental health, psychology, contact, separation, foster care, carers, research, voice of the child, babies

(June 2013)

Table of Contents

 1.      Concurrent Planning

2.      Contact

       2.1 The legal…

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