Researching Reform

The Bill is currently in its report stage in the House of Lords, and we are told on the Parliament website that line by line examination of the Bill took place during the final day of the committee stage which was 20th November.

The amendments discussed covered clauses 89, 90, 93, 99, 104 of the Bill.

Further line by line examination of the Bill is now scheduled for 9th December.

Just by way of a refresher and for those who are new to The Bill, here’s a summary of what the Bill covers:

The Bill seeks to reform legislation relating to the following areas:

  • adoption and children in care
  • aspects of the family justice system
  • children and young people with special educational needs
  • the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England
  • statutory rights to leave and pay for parents and adopters
  • time off work for ante-natal care
  • the right…

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