Researching Reform

“There is a pressing need for more transparency, indeed for much more transparency, in the family justice system.” Lord Justice Munby, 11th November, 2013

In his latest speech at The Annual Conference of the Society of Editors, “Freedom to Inform” event, Lord Justice Munby, the President of the Family Division re-iterated his views on transparency, most recently expressed in his Practice Guidance on the topic as well as family cases which have come before the courts this year.

Yesterday during the event at which he spoke, Sir Munby talked about releasing more documents to the press attending family hearings, allowing for a transparent system as a cornerstone of democracy and ensuring that injunctions, sometimes called Gagging Orders and not injunctions in the truest sense of the word, are used appropriately and not to spare possible professional embarrassment. It was a bold and brave speech, clearly designed to tempt the…

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