Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law

Helping children deal with family separation.

Booklet from The Parent Practice looking at the impact of divorce on children, identifying any possible discomfort they might experience and how to support children during family separation, and beyond.

(October 2013)

Tags: Children, child welfare, health, mental health, psychology, contact, divorce, separation

Table of Contents

1.      Helping Children Deal with Family Separation

2.      But What About The Kids?

3.      How Children Respond to Family Breakup

  • 3.1 Babies -12 months
  • 3.2Pre-school
  • 3.3. Five to ten
  • 3.4 Ten to thirteen
  • 3.5 Teens

4.      Signs of Difficulties

  • 4.1 Physical
  • 4.2 Signs of depression
  • 4.3 Behavioural Signs
  • 4.4. Sibling rivalry

5.      What To Do About It

  • 5.1  How to talk to children about divorce
  • 5.2  Rules, rewards and consequences
  • 5.3  Reflective Listening
  • 5.4  Descriptive Praise

1. Helping children deal with family separation

This handout looks at the impact of divorce on children at different ages…

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