No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

cropped-13-06-15-header.jpgDear All

The tide is definitely turning.

Chief prosecutor says not reporting abuse should be a criminal offence:

Top family judge says family court judges should obey the law:

Empowerment Mondays: Monday 4th November demo:  We’ll be at the Royal Courts today as usual and the ‘theme’ needs to continue to be Forced Adoption, for the reason that this coming week is National Adoption Week.

Last Monday 28th October despite the atrocious weather we were joined by supporters of Kellie Cottam who was due to appear before Mr Justice Moor on a Committal to Prison application brought by Flintshire Council for breaching gagging orders. Although the hearing was postponed (as was also Vittoria di Franco’s before HHJ Finnerty) Kellie & partner Jason travelled all the way down from Manchester to be at our demo. We all were and are indeed empowered and inspired by Kellie’s…

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