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The Same Incompetent Social Workers……………..!

If this is the tip of the iceberg…..?
Pay-out: Sharon Shoesmith, the social services chief who failed to save the life of Baby P, is to receive £600,000 as part of an unfair dismissal claim
  ‘£600,000’ pay-out to shamed Sharon Shoesmith should have faced court for her incompitence, if i took my …(tharr be more)eyes off the road for a moment whilst driving a 40tonne truck and ploughed in to a car killing a toddler the public would be baying for justice . Shoesmith’s jugernault allowed SS to visit 50 times and Baby P had 50+ injuries on his small body, anyone with and incling of parental concern would have spotted it on first visit!

This is a list of Judges who are or have been involved in cases concerning SOCIAL SERVICES and CAFCASS.
Not always in the best interest of Children!
Calling for an immediate review of all cases, that have been granted on the grounds of false or…

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