Researching Reform

In a recent High Court decision, which saw two girls ordered to take the MMR vaccine against their wishes, Mrs Justice Theis, who presided over the case and made the order, wears her heart on her sleeve, and, we would argue, makes the wrong decision.

The two girls, are aged 11 and 15; one is a Vegan, as is their mother. Vegans are sometimes reticent to use vaccinations as vaccines can contain animal-based ingredients. The girls were both concerned about the MMR vaccine for this reason and did not want to be injected. The case was brought by the girls’ father who though had initially agreed with the mother not to vaccinate the girls said that he changed his mind after learning of the Measles outbreak in Swansea last year and the dis-accreditation of the now infamous Dr Wakefield’s research, which led people to believe that the MMR vaccine could…

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