Africa is Campaigning for Getting the Musas’ Children Back

While Haringey Council cover up one Crime after another, Africans Care


Thanks to the internet, Africans are campaigning to produce marches in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Gambia and Cuba[1]. But the British Embassy is ordering arrests and the interruption of communications.

The Musas have experienced one crime or offence after another: police officers breaking in to take their five children (8 April 2010), social workers going round their school accusing the mother of being a sex worker and prostitute, performing sex in front of their children, faking a letter supposed to have been written by their eldest daughter that blames the mother for her abuse[2], alleging the father of trafficking children and stealing from the church, police officers coming to the ward after their sixth child was born, taking the baby, strangling the mother and assaulting her so that she is still limping today.

But these crimes don’t count. According to an expert criminal lawyer, what matters are the criminal allegations against the parents. They are supposedly under investigation by the police who are assumed to be right and acting lawfully.

Although the lawyer admitted that local councils are getting things wrong at times and that Haringey may be so keen on not getting bad publicity, that they may have acted over-zealously, it must be assumed that it’s the Musas and their supporters who are acting criminally. Furthermore, local authorities can’t be taken to court! Meanwhile, here are their attempts to criminalise the Musas so that the Council can keep their children for life:

  • first the mother was accused of the children having different fathers;
    • but the negative DNA results were  withheld for four months and the children were not returned
  • in June, the parents were arrested for “giving opium to their baby”, even though the parents don’t drink, don’t smoke and have never known or seen opium or any other illegal drugs
    • they were welcomed with “you black criminals, you’re going in and not coming out again”
    • they were held in custody for 27 hours without food or water
    • whilst not being charged, they were given bail conditions like criminals: they have to report three times a week at Tottenham Police Station, in case they might flee the UK – which they would never do without their children, so far 48 times – despite being innocent
    • the negative drug tests were again withheld for four months and the children have not been seen since May, the eldest daughter not since August 2010
  • on September 19th, they were arrested with “conspiracy for abducting their children”, even though they don’t even know where their children are being “cared” for
    • this arrest was a most humiliating experience, as the mother Gloria was stripped naked and they were held in cold cells without being given blankets
    • instead of hearing them before a Magistrates Court, a psychiatric team of six tried to commit them to a mental hospital; but a suitably strong lawyer affirmed during six hours that there was nothing wrong with his clients
  • the next allegation expected by a whistleblower are more criminal allegations such as laundering money to find yet another reason for arresting them and stopping them from seeing their children
    • contact with the children has even been denied to the High Commission of Nigeria – contrary to Article 36[3] of the Vienna Convention agreement.

What is worst: besides the Musas themselves, their supporters are being criminalised and punished:

  • Maurice J Kirk is charged with the same allegation as the Musas: conspiracy for abducting the Musa children
    • Having helped in court on September 5th and 8th which resulted in arrests with no further action, he got himself arrested in Tottenham Police Station which got him two Magistrates Court hearings about the case
    • he accompanied the Musas to the house of Michelle Collins who invited the Musa children to her house before they were kidnapped by Haringey Police
    • their solicitors who have been withholding the Musa’s court documents which
  • Maurice was arrested by Haringey Police on Wednesday 21st September and transferred to HMP Cardiff
    • without being given any papers with reasons for his arrest
    • without being given his prescribed medication for days
    • with a hearing supposedly taking place on Thursday 13th October
  • their driver has been imprisoned for four months
  • six women have had their children taken
  • currently, everybody with whom the Musas have had contact, are receiving Social Workers as visitors
    • the result of the Police having confiscated the mobile phones for their “criminal investigation”
  • meanwhile they have been helped by supporters some of whom have lost their homes and had to flee the country to be safe
    • instead of being inspirational to their Christian communities, they have to pray that their spirits are not broken and their traumatisation and victimisation not to get the upper hand.

So much for justice and fairness in the UK… Any support from Africans is welcome, especially the regular updates on the Worst Child Abuse in the UK[4]. The Musas have no criminal record anywhere in the world, but Haringey Council have criminalised them with their Police. They seem to have created their own laws that nobody challenges. But, to avoid yet more bad publicity, they could return the children, clean the fabricated criminal records and close the case.

But it is planned to get all Haringey victims together to out themselves despite gagging orders.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
– Aesop – Greek slave and fable author (620 BC – 560 BC)

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