NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                21 August 2011

Cash for Kids – Especially Cute Nigerians

How Haringey Council makes Adoption easy by Stealing Children

“Adoption is easier than you think” is a poster you can see in this North London Borough that has turned child snatching into a business. Everybody profits, except parents and their children: social workers, lawyers, judges, property managers and foster carers. Information from Companies House shows the financial interests of everybody concerned.

Christopher Booker has written 10 articles[1] about this Nigerian family in The Telegraph, albeit anonymised due to a gagging order. These are meant to protect the children but actually protect criminal behaviour: The untold story of gagging orders[2] published by The Independent in May 2011 reveals that 69 relate to celebrities, while 264 concern children and young adults.

Ian Josephs, formerly local Councillor in Kent is now running language schools from Monaco and publishes Forced Adoption[3]. He says that the case of the Musa Family[4] is the worst he’s ever dealt with. He does not only help 3 – 4 cases a day, but has also watched how the situation worsened due to secrecy and gagging introduced in 1989, after forced adoptions got regulated in 1976. An online petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW[5] attracted over 670 signatures and 8,900 page views since May 2011.

Parents are threatened with prison if they do break such orders and Bishop Gloria Musa and her husband Chiwar have spent 27 hours in prison already. Vicky Haigh[6] has spent 68 hours in prison, when she was eight months pregnant. Elizabeth Watson[7] has to show good reason for not being committed to prison on Monday 15 August 2011 because she sent emails about the wrong-doings that she discovered by Doncaster Council regarding about Vicky Haigh’s daughter. They can only be named thanks to John Hemming MP who removed the gag[8] on 26 April 2011.

However, once stolen, children’s identities are advertised freely for adoption such as on LondonKids[9], and once adopted, they cannot be returned to their biological parents.

What is very disturbing about child snatching is that judges seem to sanction what social workers are doing, while social workers and their legal teams “play court” and produce fake documentation that courts do not have records of.

Most evidence for such ways of operating is available about Doncaster Council. Haringey, however, have excelled in the fantasy with which they cover up allegations with more criminal behaviour: the parents were given invalid train tickets go get to their contact centres and their youngest baby was injected opium to prove that the mother takes drugs. This was meant to prove an initial allegation that a non-existing stepfather was supposed to have given the mother opium at the age of 15. The Council also invented the birth of another child which would have meant that the mother was pregnant twice in less than a year.

In Does this family have human rights?[10] Christopher Booker mentions a whistleblower who said that “social workers admitted that maybe they had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the Council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow, if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the Council should continue to justify its actions.”

Companies House shows that Judge Glenn Brasse, who is responsible for the Orders that allowed Police to take the first five children in April 2010 and the sixth baby right after birth, owns a property management company. Suzanne Moore who claims to be an “independent” social worker has 13 companies registered in her name, varying the name Time for Change. Rosita Moise who is a solicitor, is also Director of the Pepper Pot Day Centre and the Pepper Pot Club.

Another disturbing feature of the Musa saga is the connection with actress Michelle Collins who is alleged to have links with Hollywood where paedophilia is the “biggest problem” according to actor Corey Feldman[11]: I can tell you that the no 1 problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be paedophilia. It’s the big secret.  Written evidence is available on request.

The question is whether the Court of Public Opinion can reunite what Haringey Council has torn apart. The website[12] that was established end of July has been viewed over 2,800 times, while a petition to send them home[13] was signed 53 times and viewed 790 times.

However, the Public Interest expressed in the petition to Free WWII veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds prison[14] has resulted in the judge to notify the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP who can overturn judgments on compassionate grounds.

Similarly, it is hoped that Judge Brasse’s secret “Care Orders” and “Emergency Protection Orders” will be overruled by The Secretary of State, if enough Public Interest can be demonstrated to return the children to their biological parents.


Sabine K McNeill.